Bikram Yoga

Helen went to LA to study with Bikram Choudhury to become a teacher in 1998.

She had been advised to do Bikram yoga after having years of back pain and knee injury caused by horse riding accidents, she was amazed how quickly her back pain reduced and the flexibility in her knees and hamstrings improved.

After five years of teaching in the UK and Boston, USA, Helen opened Bikram Yoga Chiswick in November 2002.  The studio has been flourishing ever since. Hot Yoga Weekend is Helen’s exciting new venture; she realised that a lot of people lead a hectic life and do not have much free time, she wanted to offer a weekend of intensive yoga and relaxation coupled with some pampering to revitalize, regenerate and restore.

Helen Currie::Hot Yoga Weekend

Helen loves yoga and you can tell from her classes she will make you work hard and you will learn lots about the postures and your own body.  Her classes are inspiring and fun. She has a sense of humour and warmth that helps you get through the class.

Helen is passionate about Bikram Yoga. It is a unique approach to teaching Yoga devised by Bikram Choudry: fun and challenging 26 postures in a heated room. The twenty six posture systematically move oxygenated blood to one hundred percent of the body, (including each organ), restoring all systems to healthy working order, just as nature intended! Each posture stretches, strengthens and prepares specific muscles, ligaments and joints needed for the next posture.

Helen will be joined by her two friends Lotty and Dawne who will be working behind the scenes to make your weekend enjoyable and hot!!